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Why we love Elm

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As the Elm website advertises, Elm is “a delightful language for reliable webapps”.

Now that we (at Orus.io) have created a few webapps with it, I can totally approve the claim and add my own: I have never had such a comfortable experience developping in the web browser if not on any GUI.1

In this post I want to expose the reasons why it is such a delight to create webapps with Elm.


Evolve/topic mini-sprint

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Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I attended the evolve mini-sprint initiated by Octobus at Logilab office in Paris.

The 6 to 8 people present focused together on bringing evolve even more ready for masses, by fixing bugs and improving the documentation.


Mercurial at Orus.io

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At orus.io, mercurial is our DVCS of predilection.

This post is a practical guide for using mercurial on our repositories.



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